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Roxane Hollosi

From the world's suffocating plastic plague, to the respiratory gasps of Covid-19, and finally One Man's Cries: "I Can't Breathe!” These crises are personified in one word; Breathe. This work is about transforming angers, fears, and uncertainties, along with the energy of hope, into a visually spirited collection of work. Roxane’s mixed material work reflects the loud and disconnected spirit of the time. Her drawings pay homage to the threatened whispers of our pollinators. 

February 10-April 7, 2022 
Opening Reception Thursday, February 10 



About Roxane 

Roxane is an Atlanta based, multi-disciplinary artist. Originally from the Midwest, she is influenced by Native American spiritual sensibilities and respect for Earth. The foundation of her work is an exploration of the energies around her and documenting them in visual form; she creates both 2D and 3D works.  

Instagram: @roxanehollosi