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Hindsight 2020

Trish Andersen

The fabric of a life isn't smooth and uniform. It's shadowy and it's bright and every in-between. Trish explores how each stitch represents a moment in time.

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Past Exhibits

Come Together

This collection is made up of compilation of creative professionals work, whose range of talents extend well-beyond their day-to-day work as architects, interior designers, experiential graphic designers and communicators.

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Thoughts of Hope

Alexi Torres discusses the relationship between nature and man in a contemporary context emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living things.

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This collection explores the loud and disconnected spirit of the time - from the world’s suffocating plastic plague, to the respiratory gasps of Covid-19, and one man’s cries: “I Can’t Breathe!”

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In celebration of Pride Month, Gallery 100 joins together LGBTQIA+ artists, Steven Frost, fiber artist and Media Studies instructor, and Jack Kostyshen, interdisciplinary artist and architecture student, for a virtual exhibit.

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Site & Structures

SCAD Art Sales presents Site and Structures, an exhibition featuring Atlanta-based SCAD artists exploring ideas of space and place.

Joy & Gravity

This work is unapologetically flawed, warm, and tactile. The collages are meant to be a study of the relationship between restraint and the compulsion to fill space.


Real Negus Don’t Die

In this ongoing series of expressionist drawings, Dr. Fahamu Pecou confronts the death-bound narrative by highlighting the enduring legacies of iconic individuals.