The Beautiful Ones: Nothing is Perfect

Charlton Palmer, "CP The Artist"

June 8 - August 10, 2023


CP is inspired by the extraordinary power of color, our behavior, and our thoughts. He experiments with colors, both vibrant and subdued, to create a story about each image in his work. Each piece features a muse painted in a color that signifies their life experiences and mood, all while evoking a variety of complex feelings - peace, pride, joy - that the viewer can relate to. With each piece, CP urges the viewer to have poignant conversations about our innermost thoughts and feelings - thoughts and feelings that are sometimes buried deep within us.

About CP

Charlton Palmer is artistically known as "CP the Artist." He is a visual artist with an ever changing concept that is not restricted to any category of medium, type or style.

CP is constantly exploring new ways of capturing single creativity and art form, and he strives for his art to portray the essence of life, love, tragedy, spirituality, self expression, hope and purpose, with the intent of having long lasting relationships to the viewer.

Instagram: @cptheartist
Website: www.cptheartist.com
Email: cptheartist@gmail.com

CP the Artist